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    Label Division was established in 2005, mainly engages in anti-counterfeiting labels, smart labels, aviation labels printing, digital printing labels and normal labels. After a vigorous development, Label Division has developed into a famous comprehensive label printing enterprise in the northern region, and our customers are in more than 20 provinces and cities all over the country. 

    Label Division is equipped with CDI digital plate-making system, 10-color flexo printing machine, 9-color rotary letterpress printing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, ink-jet printer, bronzing die-cutting machine and automatic product-checking machine, etc. These equipments enable us to own the advanced and powerful production capacity in the northern region. Our customers mainly include insurance, banking, administrative institutions and various enterprises. We can produce various exquisite labels. Our daily capacity of label production is up to fifty thousand square meters.

    After many years of accumulation of technical services, we already have a skilled, well-trained professional and technical team, set up a perfect process of technical services and production, we can develop and implement solution of production and processing with high cost performance for you. 

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Data services

    Technical Advantages

    Data management system of anti-counterfeiting code and variable 2D barcode, can provide customers with the high quality product traceability queries;

    Prepress digital management process, with CDI plate rolls directly as the core and GMG color management system as the auxiliary, can provide customers with a superb letterpress, flexo plate-making technology;

    Based on the anti-counterfeiting technology of bills and forms, we realize the application of anti-counterfeiting in label printing and provide customers with more professional label anti-counterfeiting technology.